All our yogurts are of the highest quality, with a selection ranging from 100% natural, nonfat, low fat, gluten-free, and kosher produced by a leading licensed dairy. All our yogurts are naturally high in probiotic content and certified with the “Live and Active Culture” seal program from the National Yogurt Association.

At Blizz our guests become the architects of their own yogurt creations using a wide selection of healthy frozen yogurts, mouth watering fresh fruits and bountiful nut, granola and candied toppings. Guests can create their own waffle and crepe creations topped with frozen yogurt, fresh fruit and decadent toppings. For those craving something to slurp, Blizz offers a variety of delicious and healthy yogurt smoothies, shakes, floats and ice blended coffee drinks. Blizz is all about providing guest with exactly the frozen dessert they are craving for, an experience in dessert creation that is as unique as each of our guests.


BrandA fun and exciting yogurt based concept designed
to last and adapt to an ever changing consumer demand