What qualifications are you looking for in a Blizz Franchisee?

  • Understanding and agreement with the Blizz Yogurt concept of high standards, operations and customer service
  • Desire and ability to participate and conform with our operating system
  • An enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Willingness to devote full‐time efforts to this business
  • Strong understanding of business principles
  • Solid history of employment or business ownership

What kind of support does Blizz offer their Franchisees

  • Training and ongoing field and management support
  • Site selection assistance
  • Prototype architectural design and assistance
  • Highest quality products
  • Established distribution systems
  • Comprehensive equipment package
  • Complete Operations Manual
  • Marketing assistance
  • Buying power
  • Use of Blizz Frozen Yogurt trademark, logo and sourcing of printed materials

What are the typical size requirements of a Blizz Store?

While store size is flexible, a typical store varies between 1000‐1500 square feet.

Does Blizz offer any financing?

Blizz does not offer financing. Some financing options include SBA Loans or Home Equity Loans.

How much income will the store generate?

Blizz Frozen Yogurt cannot predict the expected sales and profits for any location. Factors specific to each location such as occupancy costs, product costs, labor costs, and the potential for sales as well as the franchisee’s ability to manage the daily operations and finances all affect the overall profitability of a store.

When can I expect to become profitable?

It will vary by location and market as well as franchisee management. In accordance with franchise laws, we cannot predict earnings or profitability.

Do I need to have a store site already identified?

It is your responsibility to find a store location that fits the Blizz site criteria. We do work closely with many real estate brokers and can assist you with proper site selection.

How involved am I in the development and construction of my Blizz store?

Blizz will assist you in the build‐out of your store. We will provide you with general guidance and consultation during the build‐out process. You will be required to oversee all facets of the build‐out of your store. Blizz does offer the option of build‐out supervision and turnkey assistance for a fee. Details of this assistance is outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

How long will it take to open a store?

Once you have your location approved, secured and a construction permit issued, construction will generally take six to ten weeks.

Do we have to buy all supplies from you?

Supplies are purchased from approved vendors.

Do you franchise outside of California?

Yes, we are looking for qualified franchise partners both nationally and internationally.

What are the financial requirements for becoming a Blizz Franchisee?

Net Worth in excess of $350,000 including Liquid Assets in excess of $150,000.

What are the Royalties and Advertising Fee?

Royalties are 5% of gross sales and the Advertising Fee is to 2% of gross sales.

How much will it cost to open a Blizz Frozen Yogurt Store?

The estimated cost associated with opening a Blizz Frozen Yogurt Store is $263,000 to $461,000. Costs will vary greatly due to the store size, location and site condition. Equipment requirements may also vary which can impact the total build‐out cost of the store.


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